The Dalton Scouts are a bunch of people who met through CP Coulter's Dalton and became a little family. At the helm of the madness is, yes, CP herself; then there's Judith (Charlie), the prefect ninja. And then there's Austen.

That's just the beginning.

- Alistair & Anna (Tweedles: Evan + Ethan)
- Bea
- Dani (Derek)
- Eya (Kurt)
- Franco (Julian)
- Jamie (Blaine)
- Kana (Dwight)
- Kat
- Maji (Brittany)
- Marie (Pavarotti/Rachel Berry)
- Nicole (Reed)
- Shan (Little Miss Jogan XD)
- Techno-chan (Han)
- Zero (Logan)

This blog exists more for communicating with each other than anything else, but y'know, everyone's welcome to the crazy.

We're all mad here. ;)

Scouts, who wants a souvenir from SG? :)

As most of you know, I’ll be going to Singapore next month. I’m tallying up the numbers as early as now because I really wouldn’t want to forget anything for anyone while I’m there. :))

So… who wants? :) Like this post, reblog, drop me a “ME ME I WANT A SOUVENIR AND I’LL KILL YOU IF YOU DON’T GET ME ONE” in my Ask, anything. Pav already requested for a postcard or three. XD I don’t know what else I can buy there aside from magnets, keychains, postcards and cute ballpens but if you have something specific in mind, I’ll try my damnest to get it for you. Just… nothing too expensive, okay? XD

- Charlie

P.S. International magazines are cheaper there by around 10-20%. Tell me if you want me to acquire anything for you; just pay me back when I get home.

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