The Dalton Scouts are a bunch of people who met through CP Coulter's Dalton and became a little family. At the helm of the madness is, yes, CP herself; then there's Judith (Charlie), the prefect ninja. And then there's Austen.

That's just the beginning.

- Alistair & Anna (Tweedles: Evan + Ethan)
- Bea
- Dani (Derek)
- Eya (Kurt)
- Franco (Julian)
- Jamie (Blaine)
- Kana (Dwight)
- Kat
- Maji (Brittany)
- Marie (Pavarotti/Rachel Berry)
- Nicole (Reed)
- Shan (Little Miss Jogan XD)
- Techno-chan (Han)
- Zero (Logan)

This blog exists more for communicating with each other than anything else, but y'know, everyone's welcome to the crazy.

We're all mad here. ;)